10 things about me, Amber-Leigh!

I thought I would intro myself a little more, by doing a ’10 facts about me’ post! Here it goes..

  • My real name is Amber-Leigh, but no one ever calls me that. Except my mother, when I’m in trouble…
  • I began dirt biking in 2012, shortly after Joel and I started dating (2011). Ever since I bought my first dirtbike (Yammy YZ 85) for my 22 birthday, it’s been a huge passion of ours that we absolutely love to do together. It will be something we bring our kids up with, as well as continue to do as the years go by.
  • The word “Boo” is of huge significance for me. When I was younger my grandfather always called me Amboo or Boo as a nick name. It’s stuck in my family for years. I call everyone I adore and love Boo (although to me it doesn’t mean significant other like other people). So, if you have ever been called boo in my life, it’s because I like you hehe.
  • I have two dogs Easy (red nose pitbull) and Eva (staffy) and a cat, Mrs. Meowingtons (calico). I’m not sure how old my cat is – I adopted her from the Meow Foundation – but she’s super chatty, talks 24/7 and love, love, loves to cuddle and be pet. The dogs are her get along really well and snuggle a lot. Easy (7) and Eva (5) are 2 years apart and from separate litters. They are like day and night (just like their fur color!) and have completely different personalities. Eva is always wanting to explore and go, go, go – bounces off the walls and always wants to play. Easy is a lot more docile and chill, he would rather stop and smell the roses along the way (meaning pee on everything in sight).
  • I enjoy being outside and try to get outside at least once on the weekend. Either camping, dirtbiking, or hiking.. In the summer times I try to get out after work. Days are longer and after work summits are always the best!
  • I only started “majorly” hiking about two years ago. When I had met some girls off of Instagram. No regrets there. I have climbed some of MY highest mountains and seen some of the most beautiful places – I made best friends with two of them that I have met!
  • I have little to no filter, especially when it comes to swearing. Fuck is my go to word. I have a dark sense of humor. I’m also incredibly sarcastic, so a lot of people don’t know if they should take me seriously or how to act when I say things. One thing – don’t ever take me seriously unless I say “I’m serious”.
  • I’m very in touch with how I feel about situations or people. I always go with my gut feeling on things. I feel people out when I first meet them on the vibe I receive from them.
  • My two favorite places in the entire world are Moab, Utah and Vancouver Island, BC. If I could live anywhere, those two places would be high on my list of pickings.
  • I have two memorial tattoos. One on my shoulder of a 96′ Ducati, that my Grandfather rebuilt for a friend and named “Little Star” which in Italian means Stella (my Nana’s name) and one on my upper thigh for my Nephew who passed away 3 years ago. It’s of a Lion (because he got a stuffed Lion for Christmas that he adored, took everywhere with him. He named it ‘puppy’). Balloons (for when we released balloons at his service – one for me, my mom, my older brother, and my younger brother). Poppies (in remembrance for him). Both are on my left side, where my heart sits.. ❤
  • Music – Anything but Country. Please don’t play that shit when I’m around…
  • Joel and I are pregnant with our first child – after trying for about a year and a half. Our dreams of starting a family are coming true. We both cant wait to start this new journey ❤

Last two are bonus facts haha – and there you go, a little more into my life. But, that’s all you get so suck it.


Birthday hike up Wasootch

It was my girl, Nicole’s Birthday this past weekend. So naturally, the best thing to do is to be outside. The hike was up Wasootch Ridge. I’ve done this hike, many, many times. Its steep the entire way up. But, its short and sweet. The views are amazing and you can go as far down the ridge as you would like.  Before we headed home, because we were up and down in a matter of hours, we decided to take a stroll along Mt.Lorette Ponds.

Here are some photos :


Girl’s Road Trip

Michelle and I, along with my adventure pups headed out to Nakusp, BC for a weekend of relaxation and girl time, from July 22-24 . I had a half day at work Friday, so as soon as I got off we headed straight for the Shelter Bay Ferry terminal. We had no time to stop on the way out, as we were on a time crunch to make it to the Ferry on time (which we did, yay!). Our original plan was to get to Box Lake and find a camp spot for the weekend. We did not know that there was some sort of festival going on that weekend in Nakusp, so EVERY dang camp spot and hotel was booked. I kid you not. It was terrible, we tried setting a tent up in a random spot, in the middle of the night in the rain, and basically said “fuck it” and packed up and headed to town to try and find something, ANYTHING. With some luck, we managed to find a nice room at the K2 Rotor Lodge. Reasonably priced, and they accepted dogs. Bullet dodged there! We decided to stay here for the weekend, we didn’t want to spend the whole time searching for a unsearchable camp spot.


Since we had a ton of camping food, and wood. We decided to head to Mcdonald Creek Provincial Park, located South of Nakusp along the Arrow Lakes. We threw sticks for the dogs in the lake, built a fire, cooked us a mean meal and had a couple drinks. No one was around, which was weird. Everywhere else was ridiculously busy haha. It was nice and relaxing. We packed up shortly after.

We packed our things up shortly after eating some grub and headed back to the hotel room to drop the pups off. Tired, Wet and Sand full in fur. We were off to relax in one of the local natural hot springs with a couple more bevvies in our bellies.

Saturday being our last night here in Nakusp. We decided to head out to Sandy Beach. To take some photos of the night sky. We had to beat the Full Moon before it peaked over the Kootenay Mountains!

Sunday was our last adventure day. We had planned to hit up another local hot spring, but it was already almost 30 degrees outside we weren’t to keen on sitting in a hot spring on a hot day. We will be back to lounge in it another weekend.. Our first stop on the way back was Sutherland Falls located in Blanket Creek Provincial park just outside of Revelstoke, BC. We tired to hit up every little stop off that we haven’t yet been too on the way back, we were in no rush to get home. We stopped off at the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk, Hemlock Grove Boardwalk, Bear Creek Falls (which is now officially closed due to unstable conditions), and Moraine Lake.