A weekend with warm weather…finally!

This weekend was spent in the mountains (much needed might I add). I haven’t been able to get out as much as I usually do. Mainly because of Christmas Holidays, and the fact that I have been sick for the last couple months. Not like, dying Ill. But, the first Trimester of a Pregnancy is absolutely the worst, you feel nothing but non-stop sickness, tiredness, soreness everything you can imagine haha. Thankfully all those shitty symptoms have subsided and I finally feel like myself again – woo for second Trimester! (maybe a little more tired then normal). The weather has finally taken a turn for the better, I was getting pretty sick and tired of the -30 bullshit and not being able to take the dogs out for a 5 min walk! This weekend was about -5, which considering what we have been dealing with for the last few weeks is great. I wanted to get out and enjoy it, because we all know that it wont last.

On Saturday Joel, Easy, Eva and I headed to Bragg Creek to hike Fullerton Loop. This is an easy and very beautiful hike. It takes us about 30-45 mins from our door step to get to the trail head which is nice. The hike is about 2 hours long and there is a view point near the end of the hike which is really nice to lookout over the Kananaskis Valley. While we were driving out we even got to see a Moose, which i thought was pretty neat! It’s not very often Joel comes hiking with the pups and I. So I definitely cherished this one a little more. We didn’t even need jackets, the sun was shining, it was such a great day with my family. Here are some photos of that hike :

On Sunday, Eva, Nicole, Ernie his Daughter and I grabbed some snowshoes from Sports Rent (don’t ever rent them from there, they are shitty shoes – I recommend MEC) and convoyed out to the very south end of Smith Dorrein Trail road. Our destination was the Trail Head for Black Prince Cirque to hike to Warspite Lake. When we arrived, it was colder then I had anticipated, and Eva wasn’t having any of it. So, on go the booties and jacket and she was ready to rock the trial. This is a easy trail, takes about 3 hours round trip. Incredibly beautiful in the winter time and full of x country skiers and snowshoers. At the lake front it was incredibly chilly out. My hair was white and frozen, along with my face haha, but was soooooo pretty. Snow covered trees are my absolute favorite. Here are some photos of that trip :

Now, to get through this work week. So, I can head back West with an old friend for some hiking!


Mornings in the Rockies

      This Saturday, I woke up at 5am (shocker!!). Made some breaky, got dressed took my daily vitamins (those are important!) and headed out the door around 6:15am to pick Nic up.

We were headed West to catch the sunrise. Now, this is an awesome location. The water is SO calm and it reflects the 3 sisters in Canmore, AB amazingly. Lots of people know of this place, lots of people don’t. Id rather let you do your research to find it ;). The sky had it up. Pinks, Oranges, and hints of Purple. After we watched the clouds blow up with color, it was off to my fave place. Rocky Mountain Begal Co. of course. I obvi had to get the B.C.L.T for another morning breakfast (hehe) Here are some shots I got! :

Cupcakes, Larch, Friends & Mountains

Larch season is here, and so was Shae’s 22nd birthday! Shae and I had plans to spend the entire weekend hiking and hanging out in the Kootenay’s for the weekend. Which is probably the best way to spend a birthday weekend. Our first hike was to Twin Lakes in Banff National Park. It’s pretty much right at the BC border. When we arrived it was raining, and it rained and rained the entire hike. It let up a couple times, but we were drenched (its given me a excuse to buy a new fancy raincoat hehe). We made it to the Upper Twin Lake before we turned around, we had to meet our friend Megg back at Marble Canyon. The hike was about 12 KM round trip and took us about 4 hours. This area is booming with Larch.

That night we had planned to camp out at Marble Canyon Campground. But, of course with our luck, it closed down September 5th. So, instead we headed to Numa Falls parking lot. Megg showed up, we danced around a bit, made some dinner (pesto sausage, yum yum!) We decided not to set the tent up, because it was pouring by this time. So there was no point in getting drenched. We hunkered down in Megg’s SUV for the night. Which, was a little cozy and snug but we kept warm that’s all that matters!

The next morning we were all complaining of our old lady hips and how much they hurt being crammed in the back of a tight SUV haha. The next day, Sunday. We packed up one vehicle and headed to Radium for the day. Our destination hike was Welsh Lakes. You’ve gotta drive 36KM up this windy logging road which takes about an hour, and then from there hike. Before we hiked in, we decided to make some bacon and eggs (chef Shae burnt the eggs, yum! Just kidding). After some food we were off, it snowed and rained then got sunny, then it snowed and rained some more. It was on and off, but the storms made for some very awesome cloud cover.

After the hike, when we got back to the car. The sun decided to show up for a bit, even a rainbow in the valley! We grabbed some rocks to use as chairs and opened up our tray of Crave Cupcakes that I bought to celebrate a weekend well done! Clearly Shea was enjoying hers to the max. I, of course had the Red Velvet cupcake – its my fave. After we ate had a few laughs and changed our clothes into something warm. We headed back to Calgary – a long ass trek back might I add, especially when you are already tired from hiking all weekend haha. We didn’t get home as late as I thought, but that was nice to be able to unpack and get ready for bed without rushing.

All in all, even though the majority of the weekend was spent soaking wet. It was a blast, the scenery amazing, and the company even better.’

Happy Birthday Boo-Boo!


Pink sky at night, is a Sailor’s delight. 

The weekend of August 20-21. My friend Shae and I decided to spend our weekend evenings Sunset chasing. Saturday night we met at the Jumping Pound Petro, just outside of Calgary, for 5pm. We headed out to hike Rimwall in Kananaskis. It’s alone the Smith Dorrien trail in Canmore. This hike is relatively easy. You follow a well boot beaten path, as well as some Cairns. You may have to do some route searching at some points and decide which trail to take. Be ware, if you don’t follow the Cairns (like Shawn and I) you will end up doing some hands on scrambling up some 10-20 ft high cliff bans. Which, if you’re in your comfort zone you should be okay. If not hike back down into the trees and find the Cairns.

Unfortunately because of how early the sun sets now a days. We didn’t summit. We were just shy of summitting, when we decided to stop on the mountain side, sit back and watch the sky light up with amazing pinks, and purples. It was gorgeous.

   The hike took about 4 hours. Including a little dinner break and some photo op’s. We hiked back down in the dark which is not my favorite, but it’s the price you pay for sunset hikes! It’s definitely worth it.

On Sunday evening we again met at the Petro for 5pm. This time we headed for Nihahi Ridge out towards Elbow Falls, Kananaskis. We got to the trail head for 5:45pm and headed on up. This is also a easy trail (but don’t take my word for it, my easy is a lot different then yours haha) We made our way up the ridge. And made it in time for golden hour. Which is always amazing up high, with a valley below.

  The hike took us about 4  hours, our plan was 3. But, we sat there for quite a bit and took some pictures and ate our dinner. 

Perseid Meteor Shower

 On Friday August 12th, Michelle and I had the pleasure of witnessing the Perseid Meteor Shower (which happens every August, but it’s not every year you get a clear sky. Last year I went out the sky was completely covered in cloud). We grabbed our camera gear and headed out into the dark of night at around 10:30pm. I knew we would need total and complete darkness, so we headed straight for Waiparous, Alberta. Close enough to the City that we didn’t have to drive to far. Maybe an hour at most! We saw a ton of people along the way parked and pulled over on the sides of the road, looking up. Hoping to catch a glimpse of what’s supposed to be one of the best Meteor Showers in recent years. Lucky us, we had an entire place to ourselves. Which, can be super creepy, but really nice to be able to sit there in silence and watch them go by.

We had to sit and wait for the Big Ol’ Full Moon to go down, which took a bit. You couldn’t see many stars, or the Milky Way for that matter at that time. So we spent time trying to get the right settings on our Camera’s for when it did go down. When we were finally in complete and total darkness, the Milky Way rose above our heads, the Stars started shining brightly. The Meteor shower was now more viable then ever. We managed to stay out till about 4am. It was a very, very hard drive back home might I add!



South Molar Pass

South Molar Pass is located along the Ice Field’s Parkway, just outside of Lake Louise.  You can continue past this point, but we did not. It took us about 8 hour’s and was 22KM round trip. My legs were Jello by the end of it! The weather man didn’t give us high hopes for great weather. The fog was thick going through Banff. Surprisingly, it was HOT, and I mean REALLY HOT out. Which is fine with me. Shae, Mandy, John and his fur babe Jasper and I headed on up to the pass. The views aren’t so much till you are closer to the pass. There was also a lot of horse poop and mud, lots and lots of it – yuck..


I’ve never been to Ireland, but i expect this is what is sort of looks like at the Cliffs of Moher. It was a different type of Scenery, which is nice for a change. We didn’t see anyone else on the trail, only at the first camp ground so it was nice to have the place to ourselves.