Cupcakes, Larch, Friends & Mountains

Larch season is here, and so was Shae’s 22nd birthday! Shae and I had plans to spend the entire weekend hiking and hanging out in the Kootenay’s for the weekend. Which is probably the best way to spend a birthday weekend. Our first hike was to Twin Lakes in Banff National Park. It’s pretty much right at the BC border. When we arrived it was raining, and it rained and rained the entire hike. It let up a couple times, but we were drenched (its given me a excuse to buy a new fancy raincoat hehe). We made it to the Upper Twin Lake before we turned around, we had to meet our friend Megg back at Marble Canyon. The hike was about 12 KM round trip and took us about 4 hours. This area is booming with Larch.

That night we had planned to camp out at Marble Canyon Campground. But, of course with our luck, it closed down September 5th. So, instead we headed to Numa Falls parking lot. Megg showed up, we danced around a bit, made some dinner (pesto sausage, yum yum!) We decided not to set the tent up, because it was pouring by this time. So there was no point in getting drenched. We hunkered down in Megg’s SUV for the night. Which, was a little cozy and snug but we kept warm that’s all that matters!

The next morning we were all complaining of our old lady hips and how much they hurt being crammed in the back of a tight SUV haha. The next day, Sunday. We packed up one vehicle and headed to Radium for the day. Our destination hike was Welsh Lakes. You’ve gotta drive 36KM up this windy logging road which takes about an hour, and then from there hike. Before we hiked in, we decided to make some bacon and eggs (chef Shae burnt the eggs, yum! Just kidding). After some food we were off, it snowed and rained then got sunny, then it snowed and rained some more. It was on and off, but the storms made for some very awesome cloud cover.

After the hike, when we got back to the car. The sun decided to show up for a bit, even a rainbow in the valley! We grabbed some rocks to use as chairs and opened up our tray of Crave Cupcakes that I bought to celebrate a weekend well done! Clearly Shea was enjoying hers to the max. I, of course had the Red Velvet cupcake – its my fave. After we ate had a few laughs and changed our clothes into something warm. We headed back to Calgary – a long ass trek back might I add, especially when you are already tired from hiking all weekend haha. We didn’t get home as late as I thought, but that was nice to be able to unpack and get ready for bed without rushing.

All in all, even though the majority of the weekend was spent soaking wet. It was a blast, the scenery amazing, and the company even better.’

Happy Birthday Boo-Boo!



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