Pink sky at night, is a Sailor’s delight. 

The weekend of August 20-21. My friend Shae and I decided to spend our weekend evenings Sunset chasing. Saturday night we met at the Jumping Pound Petro, just outside of Calgary, for 5pm. We headed out to hike Rimwall in Kananaskis. It’s alone the Smith Dorrien trail in Canmore. This hike is relatively easy. You follow a well boot beaten path, as well as some Cairns. You may have to do some route searching at some points and decide which trail to take. Be ware, if you don’t follow the Cairns (like Shawn and I) you will end up doing some hands on scrambling up some 10-20 ft high cliff bans. Which, if you’re in your comfort zone you should be okay. If not hike back down into the trees and find the Cairns.

Unfortunately because of how early the sun sets now a days. We didn’t summit. We were just shy of summitting, when we decided to stop on the mountain side, sit back and watch the sky light up with amazing pinks, and purples. It was gorgeous.

   The hike took about 4 hours. Including a little dinner break and some photo op’s. We hiked back down in the dark which is not my favorite, but it’s the price you pay for sunset hikes! It’s definitely worth it.

On Sunday evening we again met at the Petro for 5pm. This time we headed for Nihahi Ridge out towards Elbow Falls, Kananaskis. We got to the trail head for 5:45pm and headed on up. This is also a easy trail (but don’t take my word for it, my easy is a lot different then yours haha) We made our way up the ridge. And made it in time for golden hour. Which is always amazing up high, with a valley below.

  The hike took us about 4  hours, our plan was 3. But, we sat there for quite a bit and took some pictures and ate our dinner. 


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